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Template Customization

Purchasing a template is just the beginning of your journey. Before you’re ready to launch your new website, you’ll need to customize your template with a logo, new photos, colors, content and more. Below, you will see the basic customization options that we offer, starting at just $19.

Our Process

Shortly after purchasing one or more template customization services, you will receive an email from our team containing questions to help us gather the necessary details. Simply answer the questions as well as you can, and attach any files we need from you (such as a logo or stock photos). We’ll "blend" it all together to produce a freshly customized template, then send you another email with instructions for downloading it. Each customization option includes two revisions, so if you’re not quite satisfied with the result, you have the opportunity to modify it further.

Our designers, developers, and project managers are available to customize your template and assist you with the process Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM EST.

Template Customization Steps

  1. Pick a Template

    Browse through and select one of our unique, professional templates.
  2. Choose Customization Options

    Select from our basic and advanced customization options to update the colors, content, logo and more.
  3. Hit Us With the Details

    Give us the specifics of the customization options you've chosen.
  4. Let The Magic Happen

    Sit back, relax, and give us a day or two to make the changes you've requested.
  5. Review & Revise

    Look everything over & approve the changes or request revisions to change it again.
  6. Download & Enjoy!

    Use the link we provide to download your new template, then rock it out on your new website. Even host with us!

Basic Template Customization Options (see advanced options)

The following basic customizations can be applied to any template you purchase from templateBlender. To select any of these options for a template, look for the “Template Customization Options” when adding a template to your shopping cart, or click the “Customize Template” link when reviewing your cart. The options you choose will be added to your cart and will only apply to the specified template.

  • Add Your Logo — $39

    The first step of transforming a template into your website is branding it with your logo or name. Replace the default logo on all of the pages of the template with your own.

    Logo images must be provided in .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, .PSD, .EPS, .AI, or .CDR format.

  • Update Page Title and Buttons — $49

    To be sure your website’s design matches your content, you may need to update the page titles and navigation buttons of your selected template. This option lets you change the names of any pages and their associated navigation buttons and links throughout the entire template, including footer links. Meta tags can be changed as well, to improve the SEO value of your new site.

  • Change Color Scheme — $59

    Our designers create new templates with colors they prefer or that match the template’s overall theme, but these colors can easily be changed. Tell us a new base color, color scheme, or your brand’s colors and we’ll update both the template’s base and accent colors to best match your existing brand.

  • Change Stock Photos — $39

    The stock photos of templates are usually chosen to fit the theme of the template, but you can supply your own photos to replace the ones we’ve chosen. You can even request recommendations for up to seven (7) new photos based on a different theme or subject.

    Photos must be provided in .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, .PSD, .EPS, .AI, or .CDR format.
    For licensing reasons, all photos must be purchased and supplied by you, including any we recommend based on the details of your request.

  • Add Your Social Media Buttons — $19

    There’s no substitute for word-of-mouth advertising, but we can help you with the next best thing: leveraging social media. Make sure your users can share, Like, and +1 your website by selecting this option. Our developers will link the social networking buttons to your various accounts, as well as setup “Share” and “Like” scripts so your users can interact with your content with their own social media accounts.

  • Add Your Website Content — $349

    You’ve made a great first impression with your fresh, new design; now drive it home with your website’s content. This option allows you to change page content, phone numbers, email addresses, slider text, and other site copy. Our designers and developers will apply the content you provide to the template you’ve selected, on up to seven (7) pages. This option allows for three (3) rounds of revisions so that you can make sure it’s absolutely perfect. Stock Photos and Page Title customizations are included with this option.

    Website content must be provided in .TXT, .DOCX, .ODT, or .RTF formats.

  • Add Full Customization — $499 (Best Value!)

    Transform your chosen template from a mere concept to custom website in just a few days to get the most out of our basic customization services with this great deal! By selecting this option, you will be able to customize nearly everything about your new template, including the logo, color scheme, page titles, navigation buttons, website content, stock photos, and social media buttons.

    This package does not include advanced customization of templates; if you need more than what is listed here, please request a free quote from us or speak to a templateBlender representative using our live chat.

    Logo and photos must be provided in .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, .PSD, .EPS, .AI, or .CDR format.
    Website content must be provided in .TXT, .DOCX, .ODT, or .RTF formats.
    For licensing reasons, all photos must be purchased and supplied by you, including any we recommend based on the details of your request.

Advanced Template Customization

If our basic customization options do not fit your needs and major changes are required, our talented designers and expert programmers can create custom, advanced alterations to your newly purchased template. They’re capable of altering the layout, writing custom JavaScript, or even adding useful animations to your template to enhance the user experience. Some of the customizations we offer are listed below, but don’t hesitate to ask us for anything not listed here. To get started, request a free quote.

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